The finest bone broth from organic pastured animals

Powdered bone broth from happy animals eating only what nature intended, meaning you only get what nature intended.


The first thing I consume each day is a cup of bone tea, it has been a daily routine for about 2 years now.
I have a myriad of auto immune conditions one of which is Ulcerative Colitis, my symptoms and general feeling have greatly improved since starting the bone tea and I notice a difference when I don’t have any.
My daughters (6 and 3 years old) have dairy and soy intolerance. They start the day with the bone shake and literally fight over it. My eldest has seen an improvement with her intolerances since starting the bone shakes, she has become less sensitive when subjected to processed and food that normally causes a reaction.
Animal welfare is of great importance to myself and my family, so it’s reassuring to know that the bones are coming from local organic farms. 
And last but not least, it tastes really good too!

Matt - Saltburn

I used bone broth as an important part of my recovery from a knee replacement operation. I am convinced that it helped accelerate the healing process and ensured that I was back exercising sooner than even my surgeon expected. Highly recommended

Chris - Loughborough

It is now just over a year since me and my wife started taking bone tea, as part of a radical overhaul of our diet. She had increasing problems with her digestive system, including bloating and severe indigestion and she also had intermittent, unaccountable problems with blotchy skin and dry, frizzy hair at times. I was rapidly losing the battle to control my type 2 diabetes by dieting and exercise, with Hb1AC of 65. It was time for action and taking bone tea every day was one of our first changes. Now 12 months later, Diane is free from all digestive problems and bloating, her skin is glowing and frizzy hair a thing of the past. My latest diabetes test show a reading of 52 which is very encouraging, as in the ten years previous to that it had a generally gone up and a good reading was ‘no change’. We start every day with bone tea and now that it is in a powder form we can even take it on holiday with us too. This is an important development. We have found that, even after as little a time as 3 days without the bone tea, we notice the difference. The gut feels off colour and more sensitive to some foods and we feel less energised and a bit slothful. Who wants that on holiday? Taking bone tea couldn’t be easier and we start every day with ours before consuming anything else. And it tastes great too! I would recommend this to everyone as a simple but effective way of improving your well being.

Steve - Darlington
Dr Gus bone broth 5 star hygiene rating darlington borough council environmental health and safety

Dr Gus 5 Star Hygiene Rating