Bone Broth & Related Recipes

St John's devilled kidney on sourdough, with a Dr Gus twist.

Dr Gus bone broth devilled kidneys st john's bread and wine
We love pretty much anything St John's do, but there offal dishes with their own bread are extraordinary. This one is a beautiful twist on a breakf...

Low Carb Almond Bread

Low carb almond bread gluten free gut health
INGREDIENTS Almond flour                                       240ml Psyllium husk powder                         4 Tbsp Baking soda               ...

Dr Gus' Chicken Liver Pate - with a bone broth twist!

Chicken liver pate This is a really simple French chicken liver pate recipe that is quick and easy to make and tastes divine. It is especially good...

Dr Gus' Delicious Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

Dr Gus' Delicious Chicken Bone Broth Recipe
Chicken Bone Broth Chicken bone broth is one of the easiest bone broths to make. It is super nutritious and there are published studies showing how...